INQUISICION  it’s the very first HM band who jumped in early 90’s Chilean Metal Underground Scene.
We put the style over the table and pavimented the road for dozens of new bands with non-gutural voice.

International Shows:

Exumer + Onslaught (2017)
Judas Priest + Mötorhead (Movistar Arena Stgo 2015)
Satan (2015)
Grim Reaper (2015)
Manilla Road + Omen (2014)
Twisted Sister + Sodom (Chile Metal Fest 2013)
Judas Priest + Whitesnake (Movistar Arena Stgo 2011)
Blind Guardian (Caupolicán 2011)
Dragonforce (Caupolicán 2009)
Gamma Ray (Caupolican 2004)
Mercyful Fate (Teatro Providencia, 1999)

INQUISICION was born in 1993 when Manolo (then Lead Guitar at the lengendary band Torturer), decided to start a HM project under the name Santa Inquisicion. For that he contacted Carlos Hernandez as drummer, Gonzalo Ruiztagle as bassist and Freddie Alessis as singer. 

After the first shows in 93 & 94 we recorded the 4 songs DEMO at Estudio REC in early 1995 openning doors for good things to come with Rolando Jeldres on the Bass.

 In 1996 we recorded “SteelVengeance” the first LP album then “Black Leather from Hell” (1998) and “Live Posthumous” (2000).

Paul Domic joint as Singer since 2001 until 2015. Metal Genocide (2004) and Opus Dei (2010) and Codex Gigas (2014) were recorded in the same vibe and style of the 90’s albums.

Aside of supporting the 90’s underground scene with auto produced gigs and share stage with leading acts like Undercroft, Criminal and Dorso, we were also support band for top international Shows

 In 2013 Inquisicion was part of The Metal Fest (Santiago de Chile) along with with Twisted Sisters, Sodom and many others.

 In March 29th of 2014 under Australis Records, we edited the conceptual Album “Codex Gigas” in Vinyl, Digipack and Cassette with 12 killer riff based tracks of pure NWOBHM.

In 2015 Australis Rec  re-issue the DEMO 95 in a 10" re-mastered version and we shared stage with Judas Priest & Motorhead.

2016 it's the year when Freddy Alexis return on the vocals and Rolo Jeldres on the Bass guitar.

Now we're waiting the Toxic Record edition of the new  "Precher and Lust" our 8th studio album in LP, CD and Tape.